The Punishment - Infernal Poetry

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The Punishment

Đóng góp: northmen
Don't laugh, dear, suffering eyes are closing at twilight
As the sun is dying someone is crying
Cursed existences, contamination of white
But why? Cursed existences
Drown in tears…
I can't breathe so I
Drown in pain…
Don't smile, dear, suffering cries are weeping this twilight
Desperate souls, love is no more
Drown in tears…
I can't swim so I
Drown in pain…
The mystery of the universe, the secrets of the stars
Seem to be hidden behind a teary mask
A dimension built in sorrow, tragedy, and pain
A crying child's lament is the sound of this reign…
Save me, from this perpetual punishment
Don't leave me…

Like burning flames my hate loud will rise again
I'll try to scream, I know there will be not ears for me…
Pearls in my hands, these tears wet this land
Discolouring all I see, the world is black, black, black
Mother, here's your son
I would ask you a question, my queen
As you know, majesty, they're crying now
I wonder why and how
Stop it now please, take my life, if you want
Or take my dreams, but no more, no more tears my queen
What's your answer, please your answer…
Don't laugh, dear, suffering eyes are dead at twilight
Just rest in peace, in virgin fields
Some head, will lose its neck, rolling in its own blood
Drowning in the same tears they've made…
…Paying for the tears I've seen…
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