Say Goodbye - Unknown Brain; Marvin Divine

Say Goodbye

Đóng góp: DT Game
I’m sayin’ bye to all the lies and all the times you cried
Sayin’ that I wasn’t right that I was right by your side
You’re a manipulator, playin’ games .. commentators
And I don’t know what you say about our private conversations
But it’s got ’em hatin’ ..

It’s cool I’m done with you so they can throw you a celebration
You go hatin’ when you see me with somebody livin’ better
I’m tryna tell you that we just doin’ ..

I know that I gotta stay away from all your games and
I know that I found somebody else to love you dead
You realise the grass ain’t greener on the other side no
You did me terrible last time so now I gotta say goodbye.
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