Find My Way - DaBaby

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Find My Way

Đóng góp: Duy Hung Vuong
Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.i.D).

[Verse 1:]
Ooh, I know the feelin', ain't it? (Okay)
You ever feel the way I feel, you know it feel amazin' (Let's go)
I had this bitch, we used to kick it, she was feelin' Baby (Mwah, mwah, mwah)
She stepped on my heart, had me feelin' basic (Damn)
You know how people like to come back when you level up (Uh-huh)
I made a change, you stayed the same, I got ahead of ya
Plus I been tryin' to free some time up in my schedule, but (Uh-huh)
When opportunity knockin', I never say no
'Cause I been busy catchin' them blessings I used to pray for (Let's go)
Stackin' up the backend like Tetris, we playin' Legos
And every day I pray to God that a nigga don't try to play, though
'Cause I don't like to play, be done gave a nigga a halo (Boom, boom, boom)
Thinkin' 'bout the people I lost, know I got some angels
Chillin' with my freak, when we fuckin', it ease my anger
I'm takin' selfies with my bitch, she keep switchin' up different angles
And no, I never kept a bitch, but I always keep me a banger (Boom, boom, boom).

I keep it loaded when I ride 'cause I'm still a nigga (Ah)
I fuck with her to ease my mind, 'cause I be in my feelings
And every single person in my life tell me I'm their hero
But when it's up and then go down, they treat me like the villain
Guess I forgot to mention
I'm just a nigga with a broken heart tryna find my way back home
And I'm sittin' here with the car in park while she ride dick to my song.

[Verse 2:]
Ooh, I let her ride again
She spread her legs and open up, I end up slidin' in (Okay)
She know the shit excitin' you is not excitin' him (Me)
She swallow me up every mornin' like a vitamin (Yup)
He know to come look where I'm at, he wanna find her, shit (She with me)
Know I'm aggressive, when she kiss me, like to bite her lip (Grr)
I don't be makin' love songs, they don't excite a jit (No)
Real nigga, I got feelings, I'm not hiding it (Yeah, okay, let's go)
Still pimpin', tell the bitch I really like her friend (Yeah, bitch)
You know her pussy good 'cause I be tryna fly her in (Yeah, bitch)
If I speak once, she don't respond, I won't say hi again (Bitch)
She catch me once and let me slide, I never lie again (Let's go)
My name not Melly, I got murder on my mind again (Uh-huh)
I'm with the shits, I'd kill him twice if he could die again
And if he think 'bout tryin' me, he better try again
'Cause I'ma let 'em spin, if he don't drop, then we gon' slide again (Doo-doo-doo-doo).
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