Sojourn - Arm The Valkyrie

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Đóng góp: vikingman

We gather our belongings
And meet at the shore
Prepared to set sail
To find our new home.

What dangers lie in wait
On the next horizon
Focused on the path ahead
As we leave this all behind
Will we reach the promised land
Or find another barren waste
Never doubting our conviction
To do whatever it takes.

We march forever forward
We meet our fate head on
We must hold our ground
We stand arm in arm.

The waves thrash us about
Testing our resolve
No maps to guide us
We follow the stars.

Failure is not an option
We must protect our kin
Fight to our dying breath
Until we find land to call home again.

Blazing the trail
This too shall burn
Building our legacy
Along this sojourn.

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