Mr. Feeny - LJ Jones; InHim; G​-​Majorz

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Mr. Feeny

Đóng góp: nhanxuannguyen123

Verse 1:

Yeah, this ain't no light stepping/
I'm going in and taking hits like Teken/
Believe me, lil homie, this ain't just some mic reppin'/
I'm on my Mr. Feeny bringing teens them life lessons/
Yo this a hype session, I got a joyous girl/
Keep it old school, like an epiode of "Boy Meets World"/
I guess they call me corny, say they don't feel me though/
Say my lines are sort of a reach, like Mineo/
Ha! No diss to Andy man, you know what's up/
Little light joking like Marty, no social club/
Listen up, this ain't Social Club/
We social but we Christ reppers stepping when we posted up/

Verse 2:

Tryna figure who I am, Tryna figure who I'm not,/
But I promise that the higher you get, is gonna leave you wrecked with your mind shot//
Shocked when you watch it, you've lost it, the cautious and constant failed option//
Is not what you mean/
You're needing some guidance, forget what you're climbing and look to the Grace of the King//
Found in community, this isn't new you see, God has been moving me, using these men//
Challenging thoughts, Grace to the heart, this an art, that comes only from Him//
Through pain and joy, I lean on my boys/ His Grace it sustains when I'm at an end//
My mentor like feeny is teaching me lessons of life, that are needed again and again/
My goodness, Look around at what He did/
Took a few bad kids, He Saved and made'em kin//
Keep looking, doesn't matter what they did/ He died for their sins/
He Gave them the right to live//
Roll footage, I could tell you what I know/
I could tell you what I learned but I'd rather try to show/
A gift that He gave when He died and He rose//
Is a teacher and a mentor, a father, a model (Let's go)/

Verse 3:

Mr. Feeny, Mr. Feeny, tell me what happened to Petey/
He done changed the name, had a strange flame, Topanga Pang he cheated/
Was in a boys world with a young mind, till he met the King, got clean/
I'm hot sauce, on your soul food, let's dig in, let's eat (LEGGO, LEGGO)/
Im in sheep mode with my chucks on, my head phones stay purple/
My wifey, she copped those, make a soldier feel like a hero/
Mr. Feeny educated my mental, showed a brother how to make that heart glow/
Got a ring on like Hal Jordan, Beyonce ain't no Wonder Woman/
She drunk in love, but we drunk in Christ, but we both brides and we getting cute/
For when Christ arrive, we taking flight, you won't dim me? I don't think so!/
Rest of my life is a light show, my lamp mode on J'Son/
These growing pains, come get some, these growing pains come get some!/

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