Rubber Human - Mili

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Rubber Human

  • Ca sĩ: Mili
  • Sáng tác: Mili
  • Album: Hue
  • Năm phát hành: 2017
Đóng góp: Phạm Ngọc Anh Sao

[Verse 1:]
If I can be a robot
I'll be a robot
That throws all your tears
Into the trashcan
I'll be an eggplant
Listening to you when
There are no ears are to be lent.

[Chorus 1]
Stretch me out
Roll me into a rubbery log
Cut me into pieces
So my footprints won't be found.

[Verse 2:]
If I can be a flower
I'll be a flower
That makes your desert into a garden
I'll be a kitten
Purring for you
When no other voice can wake you up inside.

You told me that I was your everything
But now we're left with nothing
I still have this feeling that we might be able to undo
To redo
Believe me it's true
My day and night run on my love for you.

[Chorus 2:]
Mix me up
Fold me in with your buttery electric sheep
Tear me into pieces
So my real form won't be found.

[Verse 3:]
If I can be a human
I'll be a human
Who is way better than who I am
I'll be a human
A better human.

How much I wish that we can be in love again.

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