Secrets - Veorra

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Đóng góp: Giang Lê

You're quiet like the ocean, oh
Your treasure hidden down below
As silent as they come, I know.

Should I be scared if you stay or go?
Tell me am I insecure?
Just overly emotional?

Have I fallen down down low?
Searching for things I'll never know
Searching for things you'll never show.

I guess I just don't wanna let go
But something tells me not to wait no more.

So you've got secrets
Oh oh oh
So you've got secrets
Oh oh oh.

I know it's gonna waste my time
To untangle this
To embrace your mess.

And what are you saying?
Familiar lies
And oblivious smiles.

And you know how to spin it around
To run and forget
No you've got no regrets.

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