Strangers - Seven Lions; Myon & Shane 54; Tove Lo

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Đóng góp: kientrongtran
Nothing more than strangers
Passing by out on the street
Memories are fading though
It's only been a week
All the little things are gone
The things we used to be
Nobody could take us down
There was only you and me.

And without you I can't be
You're the universe to me
You're the air in my lungs
You're the fields where I run
You're the sky where I'm floating.

It's you
It's you, woah.

Don't want to be a stranger
Want to be the one you need
I can be your world, your life
Your lover, all for free
All the little things come back
The things we used to be
Nobody can take us down there
It's only you and me.
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