Orange Bastion - Rising To Heaven

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Orange Bastion

Đóng góp: vikingman
Prophecies cloud the future
Prophecies cloud the mind
Madness takes over you
You are losing the threads of life.

The killers will come for you
So destined by fate
The orange walls remember shadows
Death after life, life after death
After Death.

Now in the windows of the castle
White silhouette can be seen
He whispers somеthing and smiles
Candle in hand, eyеs are clear.

He ruled his country and kept secrets
Four years, four months and four days
He hid the chest of the Order of Malta
Which will show you the right way.

An angel pointed out where to build a palace
Slaves worked around the clock
A clean place that will be full of malice
The orange walls will come as a shock.

The ghost will always be here
Empty rooms, heavy steps
If you’re born to hang, you’ll never drown
Death is not about sewing bags.

The king lived here for forty days only
And has become another The Tale
Anxiety and fear are forever here
And will hide the Grail.
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