Griffins' Tower - Rising To Heaven

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Griffins' Tower

Đóng góp: vikingman
Night sky is covered in riddles and shadows
When the streets have lay down
When the fiddlers and crows have fallen silent
The night watchmens frowned.

While in the tower the mercury turns to gold
The gaze looks down on this old and strange world
While the secrets of life and happiness are revealed
The griffin’s wings guard the canals like an invisible shield.

While the master is at work
Griffin’s look down with a smirk
The sun is high
Empty sky
They are lying
On the roof
The stars are coming
They are flying
Who have seen them need no proof.

But the master is gone
His knowledge is lost
The guards' eyes closed
Griffins are alone.

Through the times
Through the lives
Beasts are here
Their wings sweep.

They are Watchmans
With nothing more to guard
The story is charred.
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