Story - Maroon 5

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1. Do you mean all the things you are
Are you pleased with the way things are
Wear that dress to protect this scar
That only I have seen.

Do you give just to please yourelf
Do you wish you were somewhere else
Justified all the things you tried
said that it was all for me.

And be near
Just for the moment
Stay here
Never go home.

Did you know that everything she ever does is for you
So it goes, the story of a broken heart comes true
It comes true.

2. Have you learned all the secrets yet
Will you burn by the things I've said
Took the dive just to feel alive
but never heard the truth.

Now I'm in love but I don't know how
I'm in pain cause I want it now
As I sit watching her eyes close
I slowly open mine.

And be near
Just for the moment
Stay here
Never go home.

I am so confused by this
I know that life is hit or miss
Days are stung by too much sun
I think that you may be the one.

Cover yourself up in me
Shrouded in what could have been
I will listen to your pain
if you listen to me.

[Chorus x2]
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