Reality - Lost Frequencies; Janieck Devy

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Đóng góp: tittixixon
[Chorus x2:]
Decisions as I go, to anywhere I flow
Sometimes I believe, at times I'm rational
I can fly high, I can go low
Today I got a million. Tomorrow, I don't know.

[Verse 1:]
Stop claiming what you own, don't think about the show
We're all playing the same game, waiting on our loan
We're unknown and known, special and a clone
Hate will make you cautious, love will make you glow.

[Verse 2:]
Make me feel the warmth, make me feel the cold
It's written in our stories, it's written on the walls
This is our call, we rise and we fall
Dancing in the moonlight, don't we have it all?


[Verse 2]
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