Tonight - Lambert; Demxntia

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Đóng góp: Lofime
I know we both shared a past
Of regrets and scars
But we can leave it behind
And just run away far
We'll let the moon and the stars
Show us where we are tonight (tonight, oh)
I had a strong sense of déjà vu Before tonight
If you don’t know how to choose Girl never mind
Luck is all around us surrounding all the time
I realize I’m stuck on you I can’t deny
醉在这晚风中 庆幸 今晚的月色正浓
思绪慢慢升空 理想和现实并不同
我们依靠瞳孔见到的 努力建造着
最后才发觉 一切和终点的方向 颠倒了
过去不必再回味 只要我们问心无愧
抛开心头的累赘 安心在每个夜晚熟睡
耐心我有充足储备 用时间来将你抚慰
不用去担忧那些人或事 它对与不对
So don’t be obsessed Wipe your shining tears on my chest
Let’s leave here together before it turns into a mess
I bless you Protect you Just wanna be with you
And this is my belief Now you become my belief
I don’t wanna destroy the vibe
I don’t mean it to make you cry
I just want you to hold me tightly
Wanna be locked into your eyes
Pack up the memory leave here tonight
No more the boring fight for the life
I’m so chilling inspiration helps me put you into my rhyme
Baby say it out You know you’re mine yes
Sweet talk between us kisses all on my face
We need no reference Cause we be the reference
I promise I won’t be reckless Promise to make sense
Tonight is long enough So we don’t need To wake up too soon
Enjoy the song for love Then make a dream We land on the moon
When I lay by your side Conceive it Romance redefined
Already passed the worst time and it’s our turn to design
And girl no matter how high the mountain we climb we gotta try
We still have each other in the moment under the sky
Don’t hesitate to come with me
It’s not fantasy
Just trynna be what we wanna be
I know we both like to laugh
Just like everyone else (everyone else)
I know it seems like the world
Wants to take that away
So grab a hold of my hand
And we can leave this place tonight (tonight, ayy ayy)
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