Into Me You See - Katy Perry

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Into Me You See

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[Verse 1:]
I built a wall so high, no one could reach
A life of lux, I swallowed up the keys
I was petrified, only knew how to hide
They can't hurt me if they don't know me
I fell at first sight, made a mirage outta me.

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Then you came and started digging for treasure underneath
And you found a better version of me I had never seen.

Into me, you see
Into me, you see
You broke me wide open, open sesame
Into me, you';; see
Into me, you'll see
You bend me wide open, now I'm ready
Is this intimacy?

[Verse 2:]
I was a ship floating aimlessly
So camouflage was my own worst enemy

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Then you came in like a sailor with a heart that anchored me
And every day, I wake up grateful I'm no longer lost at sea.


Oh, 'cause no one's ever seen me like this
Seen right through their bullshit
I pray that it can keep unfolding
Pray that I just stay open, just stay open
Just stay open, just stay open.

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