Loser - Kailee Morgue

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Đóng góp: satoru
we are so the same
it hurts to be different
I’m sorry baby but you know
that I’m not used to it
we are so in love
in hurts just to feel it
I’m such a fucking loser
that I’ll never call it quits

I’m a loser, I’m a loser
freeloader, I’m a poser
I’m a serial abuser of everybody’s love
I’m a loser

they say know your place
like I’m too good for that
they threw me on a stage
and I told everyone I’m sad
I should be somewhere
fighting for the peace
but I’m such a fucking loser
all my words are too damn cheap


dad said I look like a fake
why’s it gotta bother me
don’t know how else I can say
I ain’t gonna change
I like me this way
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