Chain Gang Is The Clique - John Cena; Tha Trademarc

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Chain Gang Is The Clique

Đóng góp: Harry Harridson
[Hook x2]
We fight together, we ride together
Right now we gonna get loud together
Chain Gang is the click
Its Trademarc the truth
This is Basic Thuganomics
I'm raining fire like Apache helicopters.

[Verse 1: John Cena]
Prepare for the worst we commin thunderin
Opposition wonderin how they get the drop on us
We set up and lock corners try to put a stop on us
We react so quick the 5-0 couldn't even call the cops on us
Steady put the rocks on us but my chain stay still
Still my name stay real spit the flame they feel
I know the game take skill that why the brains stay ill
We bout to change the deal keep the champagne chilled
We sippin clique(?) With a molly rose
Y'all belly meatin beef and nothing but Bologna foes
Your phony flows we stopping your rise
We own the game y'all is leasing with the option to buy
Your flight been delayed kid you not gonna fly
We got the army throw your hands to the sky
This is Chain Gang, bitch don't bother to check us
Y'all don't got to like us but you gon' respect us, motherfucker.

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Tha Trademarc]
Listen baby I'm just tryin to eat
Just the same game that put the chain gang in the street
Got goons with a few hundred clips in the heat
It seems sex violence and money are dyin to meet
God damn I'm a fan this music moved me
I found writing rhymes all the time would soothe me
Don't lose me never let the truth allude me
The skills I respect are expected duelly
Some got gifts man but reflect it crudely
That why I keep it real like rejected movies
What now and no what was or would be
Only sing along if you understood me
The scene hip hop dawg ain't were it could be
Trademarc will take y'all right where it should be
You actors and that's where it stops
We stars on stage y'all are decorative props - what now?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: tha Trademarc]
Look man, my voice christenin beats
Your vision see ripples on concrete from glistenin heat
Whenever I speak, I walk streets
Calm when I creep
Trademarc, John Cena, Freddie Foxx, and rup Corrupt Mob
The Chain Gang spittin the same slang
Let the iron go bang bang and came lame
Church bells ring ring to all y'all coppin the lock let it hang hang.

[Verse 4: John Cena]
Yall think we lucky that ain't nothin new to me
Cause luck is preparation lockin heads with opportunity
So far I just had to listen and learn
Play my position and earn with the vision and burn
Now the shit is all turned and im reppin for pride
Where I'm from you either step up or step aside
Want some get some stop drop and peril
Chain Gang run this bitch lock stock and barrel.

[Hook x2]

We fight together, we ride together
Right now we gonna get loud together
Chain gang is the click.
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