Stronger - Inez

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Đóng góp: thangmap1491
1. Once again i'm lonely
For your hungry touch
Picturing you on me
I'm missing you so much
You turn the night imagination
I know you're far away
Hanging my friends to see you cream my body
I need you back to stay.

I got my inside out in my head it won't stop
I found to know more back as about to known the long track
Half way up for slag in (dome)
But i'm getting stronger and stronger
I'm getting stronger and stronger
I'm getting stronger and stronger.

(I got my inside out)

2. Remember my times to moment
I no get no skin
I know that you are under somewhere being or someone else stream
You think no the time to reach me
The chance i'm down my spine
And when you make you (spill you kisses side i'm shimmering in time)?
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