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Endless Wedge (English Version)

Đóng góp: votruongphong1995
The scent of winter snow,
The wind that comes and goes
It brushes by my ears.

And then I started to hear you singing this tune
It's just as if you were here.

The times when we would play,
Laughing the days away
And even though we fought once in a while.

Your calm and gentle voice is everything that I can recall
So I guess I didn't mind it much at all.

I just want to hold you one more time,
To feel your hand within mine
Although I know that where you are is somewhere I can't find.

But still this little piece of just a single word of "regret" in my mind
It will be holding me apart, like a wedge inside my heart.

And what you had given to me were times spent like a dream
And what you had given to me is the brightest smile i've seen
And what you had given to me is a past i'll always love
But what you couldn't give to me is a future with both of us.

How many seasons passed, how many years have passed
Since that wintertime from way back whe.

The flower that we planted that day still gives such a sweet scent
And when springtime comes it'll blssom once again.

Although the sprout has slowly changed into a tree so sturdy
Over all these years, still you have stayed the same
As you've been since that day.

The image of your smile from back then will always be deep in my heart
Like a wedge without an end, never to come out again.

And what I had given to you were our calm and happy days
And what I had given to you were the tears that fell down my face
And what I had given to you were our happiest memories
But what I had not give to you was a moment for you and me.

When I lay there alone at night and sleep cannot be found
I remember your singing voice, such a warm and gentle sound.

When I struggle to keep the painful tears from coming out
I think back to the happy things you used to sing about.

'Cause I don't want to sing this type of tragic song right now
'Cause I don't want to sing this type of tragic
Song right now.

To me dearly beloved one, I hope That you rest in peace
Safely here in this endless wedge in my heart, in eternal sleep.

And the things that you gave to me
And the things I gave to you
I will keep them forever as memories i'll never lose
I'll never let it go - your voice calling to me
It's alway been right here, and right here it'll always be.

So listen when I say
I love you to this day.
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