WaVe Star_Instrumental - Diaochan, Arena of Valor

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WaVe Star_Instrumental

Đóng góp: quhuy0701
Time away, travel through time and space
let me feel cozy
the shining far away from me

Black hole gate, speed to look at you
To land in your world, to make the call, and to sing the song for you

Let's try to get the picture of the Orion to your heart
Even if you miss the gravity, you will fall among the stars

The waves surrounding you.They are colorful and can drive away the dark
No longer be lonely, because you've seen it is

The time to be a part of the lighting from the star

Because you've seen Star
This dream don't need the lut
All return to the world of love song

Don't give up, get up, we will carry on,
Wake up, sparking for me , because you belong with star
Even if we can't land the surface, we're always by your side and give you my heart.
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