Somebody Loves Somebody - Celine Dion

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Somebody Loves Somebody

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1. I don't want another piece of your mind
So take it somewhere else for the night
'Cause I can't take another goodbye.

If you wanna fight, bite your tongue
Before you explode
But don't let this get out of control
You don't want me to leave you alone

When somebody loves somebody
That's the way it's supposed to be
'Cause you know nobody else would put up with your games, oh
I don't believe you love that you don't wanna
That's not the way it is when somebody loves somebody.

Eh, eh, eh, eh
When somebody loves somebody.

2. Wait, I'm hearing every word that you say
You wonder if we made a mistake
It's written all over your face
You know it's too late
We've already fallen in love
Tell me is it asking too much
For you to stick it out when it's tough
Is it ever enough?


Some people live their lives
Never believing in love
I don't want that for us.

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