Keep It Movin - Body Head Bangerz

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Keep It Movin

Đóng góp: Wen Sieb
[Hook- Perion]
I wanna see you front back side to side
Just keep it movin
I want to see what you do to get loose now
Just keep it movin
Move it girl
I love the way you work it on in
Hey now work it out
Move it girl
Just keep it movin

Body Head
Follow me
Mommy can wobble if she want it
Stay ride it if she want it
That face and body she can model if she want it
She ghetto bound stare you down in a NY minute
A pair of Monolo Blanc's the only way you'll get up in it
Shorty love fuckin with rappers
Don't date many actors
Don't care if you're married or bachelor
She make a Southern boy proud to his toes
Quickly forgettin not lovin them hoes
She get money
Like Lil Kim, Biggie and Lil Cease
Sure to cheese
You'll see more than a tease
And ma can drop it like it's heated
Drink and stay weeded
Know niggas dog for pussy so she make 'em all retrieve it
Nails done and she weave it
Slightly conceited
And love to meet a man who swears he don't eat it
You really want to see her back into it
You see her purse put a stack into it


[Petey Pablo]
I'm good for wiling out in the club throwing money around
Fo bad chicks that want to dance with their titties out
Doin tricks makin their bootie bounce
Tootin up little balls in their coochie
Then poot them out
Make her touch the ground
Hot damn she blood raw
That ain't the badest bitch up in here boy, I swear to God
Get it mama turn around
Look how she do her mouth
I got that lip gloss shining like some Armor All
There she go twirlin around on the pole
Slow down hoe, hoe
I gotta pay her for it
Come here honey
Come get this money you deserve it
Here's a 10, here's a 20, here's a fuck it take a 100


She got a load on her back
Girl what the hell you been eatin to get a ass like that
She got a shape so fine
Got me skippin the line
Cause I'm a get my turn
Let me touch it, let me flip it, let me crank it up
Put something hard in ya cup
Baby drink it up
Hush your mouth
Concentrate make it drop
Keep it right there baby hold what ya got
Come on keep it wiggilin baby
Let them girls keep hating cause you killing 'em baby
Fuck bein a lady get your money from these niggas
Blind, cripple or crazy

And you deserve what you get
Cause you smelling like a rose and them other hoes
Smelling like shit
I'm a keep it real with you boo I like what you doin
So keep doin what you do

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