Embracing A Star - Belphegor

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Embracing A Star

Đóng góp: Harry Harridson
I embrace a star the pentagram, it illuminates
The cosmic energies of the eternal divine.

Lay before me flesh to adore!
The body below only a tool.

Primal force of nature's core
Fill me now, gimme more.

Instincts must yield to the magickal rule!
I am rooted
I am perfect
I am ready.

I open my arms legs wide apart
Touch the five points
The shape is complete.

Every man and every woman is a star.

Sex-Magick, self-creation
I am the giver
I am the taker
I am the receiver.

Bigger than life I embrace a star
Fueling its core to burn ever more.

Emotionless passion simple and cruel
I enter the Fleisch to please myself.

Creating and growing within my own skin.
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