Endless Way - Arkan

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Endless Way

  • Ca sĩ: Arkan
  • Album: Sofia
  • Năm phát hành: 2014
Đóng góp: northmen

I can try every night
To forget all those dreams
In the mind of a knight
Of a lord almighty
All I have ever loved
Has been taken from me
My endless way
My hopeless way
I came here out of the sight.

Didn't want to be seen
Was looking for a fight
Inevitable scene
I must follow their way
Cause I want to beat them
Cause I don't wanna wait
Wanna wait for the light
I follow their path
They're hiding in a small place
Gathered round in the dark
Their weapon in their hand
I'm sure they are afraid
Of crossing my way
They will soon be dead
Before the light of the day.

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