Still Glowing Ashes - Angellore

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Still Glowing Ashes

Đóng góp: northmen

I don't tell the truth
Remain in the light
And I hold the breath of all those yesterdays.

Feel you in my heart
Remain in the light
And I always see the cross of yesterday.

Confusion of my soul
This loss, my curse
At night, I stay awake
I am the guardian of my own hell
Feeding the pyre of love-filled dreams.

The merciless life
Consumed my illusions
I cherish those fairytales
Even though they were never mine
To reach out for peace of mind.

Ashes glowing in the rain
My ashes
Dead and remain in the light
Frozen fire always burns
And cover my ashes
And the cross of yesterday...

A longing without an end
A memory that shall not leave
From time to time
It seems so pointless
That a cruel rage weakens my heart
The fragile silence echoes my pain.

Underneath the cross
Protected by its shadow
I gather our old treasures
Delusive haven against myself
Where my ashes always remain.

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