Those Gurlz - Snoop Dogg

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Those Gurlz

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(Those girls, those girls)
Those girls, they don't mean a thing to me
I was just playin' the game
It was all a fantasy (Those girls).

I got a call from this ho the other day
She say she just moved down from The Bay
To L.A. - well that's great
We should sit down and talk face to face
You bring the barbeque, I got the paper plates
I can't lie girl, I like the way you shake
And when you dance the way you make your booty shake
Give or take, I rate you 'bout an eight
Or a nine - okay, fine, you a dime
And them other bitches they gon' wait in line
They hatin' on you how you take away they shine
Rewind, pay attention to the signs
I see money when I look you in the eyes
No lie, I love how you stay fly
So fly, send a text and I'll reply
And when you need that good sex, I'm the guy.


It was Kim, Dalesa, Vanessa, Rene
I don't love hoes or respect what they say
Hey... yeah that's life
The Pound comin' through, get the F out the way
I know it's been a minute but your boy been away
It feels so good, take me back in the day
I hit the studio, then back to the stage
The lights come on and the people start to wave
Then I seen this girl, she looked me right in the face
Like "I know you remember me and my homegirl Tanay"
We stay downtown in a loft on Santa Fe
And we your number one biggest fans to this day
Wait... baby girl I'm the great
Bigg Snoop Dogg, you got to bring me up to date
I know a lot of girls rock shows in many states
Room 220, bring your friend and some drank.


Now where you gonna find a nigga fresh like me bitch?
Somebody pass the lighter so I can get this weed lit
She lookin' at my stones like "Damn, is he rich?"
I'm lookin' at her pose like damn is she thick
Fuck them other dudes, I'm the man to be with
Fifty million sold, who's bigger than me bitch?
Nobody, let me put you on to some G shit
Hop in the Benz, I'll get you higher than ski lifts
And then I'm bout to beat the cat up like Heathcliff
Yeah, cause all bitches need dick
And if they say they don't they just lyin', they wanna sit
Shotgun in the 500 like she the shit
Uh-uh, hold on baby, we the shit
Clear blue skies, dip 'til you're seasick
You're with the one and only
S, yes, N, double, O, P.


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