No Brain - Mc ILL

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No Brain

Đóng góp: nhanxuannguyen123
It's time to tell all y'all suckers what hip hop is
I don't have an album out so ignorant bitches still cop shit
Listening to hip hop but don't understand what the lyrics is about
I'ma punch y'all in ya mouth, so you're welcomed to squeal it aloud
My skill is unmatched, but i'm outta the radar
I don't rap for cash, i'm just down to save y'all
I'ma rap till my death, i'm proud to raise bars
Get cred as the best, my style will stay raw
Never sing a love track, might never be a man
Don't give a fuck about the hook, i'm the rapping peter pan
This is hardcore, i announce this part's for
The illest to ever kill it to perform, truly yours
Now start with the flow you haven't even heard about
This is what you gotta have cuz rappers do not fuss around
This is what i use to fire back with no gun to burst a round
Motherfuckers think they're hot but they're not even worth a pound
My mass appeal's invisible, but dignity you see in me
With syllables so lyrical, they're feeling me like feeling tea
My physical's a miracle, a will in me thru misery
Unkillable, unbeatable, my victory is infinite
You crazy fans are sensitive, you're mad for no reason
I don't diss your idol but you're bashin' and bitchin'
Fuck what y'all think, i'ma rap, i don't talk back
Not cesar milan, why i gotta talk to a dog pack?
Painful, aren't ya? But this's what you get
Disrespect the underground? You'll get a shiv up your ass
I'm a battle mc, i'ma battle mc's
I'll be crashing mc's until em sees
I know you can't fuck with my wordplay
Your brain's been washed up since your birthday
Truth hurts but it is what i must say
You're pissed like bolt at 3rd place
All i have demonstrated to you is called punchline
But half of you don't know what it is, your brains just work on one side
Now let me explain the word punchline to all y'all, stupid
It's when my rhymes throw punch at your lie and put an end/n to it
Now i rap for the people, rap to erase away all the evil
Rap to make a day for the sequel when i can save the slaves from the rituals
This is a metaphor so you might not get it
Your burning hate's just locked your mind on madness
While you're busy sucking dick, i electrify the crowd
If ladies say i'm kool and ask for moe dee, "how ya like me now"?
Now the illest's in the house, i'll be ripping it down
Better peep me now when i'm spitting it out
As y'all listen to the sound, y'all be deep in my style
Till you rest in peace with a dick in ya mouth.

I look back at the crazy fans out there who're sucking mad cock
I think i should hire sting to give y'all a scorpion death drop
Cuz this is what i see when i look at the game now
No brain lost, no brain found.
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