Strong - Liane V

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  • Ca sĩ: Liane V
  • Năm phát hành: 2017
Đóng góp: phamvanduylucky
Poppin' down and back and forth
I really loved you, I did, really, I did
Think that you're the one
The one that will last forever
I guess our forever is done.

So I'll wait, wait for someone
Who will come and make you look
like You were so dumb, for breaking my heart
I know you'll be feeling it, deal with it.

Cause I'm gone, this time
I'm gone forever
Try to move on, cause
I moved on to better
Be strong, cause you did me wrong
Be strong, cause you made me strong
Be strong (oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh-whoa)
Be strong (oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh-whoa)

[Verse 2:]
Round and round and round we went
Hell bell from heaven sent
I'm used to the pain, anew follow
You told me I was here forever
I guess forever ain't enough.


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