Reasons - Liane V

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  • Ca sĩ: Liane V
  • Năm phát hành: 2017
Đóng góp: phamvanduylucky
1. We've been at this for a while
And somehow Im still smilin'
Made you chase me and you ran a mile
Call me up got me willin'
And all my friends who know me well
Can tell Im acting strange
They never see me like this before
I cant pretend watch time I fell
Its all over my face
Thats why I got to know that your sure.

Oh cause its true, I believe
I need you in my life
Cant you see, thats why im tellin' you boy
Please dont give me a reason
Please dont give me a reason
Dont give me a reason
To leave you now.

2. You say that I feel like home
And that your always explore me
And how you love how I can gets so bold
And theres no doubt it always seems just like we're all alone
Cause nobody else matters at all
Let me find out, what this is real
Im not just on my own
Swear your not just letting me fall.


* I must admit
Im seeing things much clear now
A future, oh what could happen
It fits leggit
Then time will bring us. Now
If you dont turn out to be accting.

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