Counting Down - Liane V

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Counting Down

  • Ca sĩ: Liane V
  • Năm phát hành: 2017
Đóng góp: phamvanduylucky
1. I've been down so many roads before
I've seen it all and I've seen a whole lot more
I never had a feeling like this
I never lost my heart with one kiss
I feel it in my heart, feel it in my soul
Girl, you got me now, got to let you know, I wanna.

Shout it to the world
Sing it to the mountains
Cause I can't stop loving you
Take it to the street
Tell the world about it
I've found a love so deep
Shout it to the world
Nothing's going to stop us now
I can't stop loving you.

2. Couldn't believe the magic in your eyes
One look at you and I was hypnotised
Don't know how all my dreams came true
I only know that heaven sent you
I feel it in my heart
I feel it in my soul
Girl, you knock me out, I just wanna lose control
I've gotta.


* It's so mysterious, I feel delirious, I'm touching the sky
This thing you're giving me, your spirit's lifting me
I'm feeling so high
Can't stop this feeling now, my heart is spinning round
I'm losing control
It's like a miracles, It's unbelievable
I'm ready to go.

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