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Hold Me Close

  • Ca sĩ: K-ICM
  • Sáng tác: K-ICM
  • Năm phát hành: 2021
Đóng góp: bodienn97
1. Headlights on the highway
All I see is you
The mistakes we made
I know I have been a fool.

It's a lonely road
When you go alone
But when I'm with you
I know I'm home.

I can see the magic in your eyes
I can feel the touch of paradise.

I don't wanna cry
There's no way to justify
Life when you're not by my side.

I can't say goodbye
You're my everything it's true
I can't live without you.

2. I know I've been gone
So long it seems
But I'm back for good
Won't you stay with me.

Just hold me close
Tell me I'm yours
I'll never let go.
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