Ugly - Jaira Burns

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[Verse 1:]
Sitting in the corner sipping on his gin
Must be my good karma, it brought me next to him
He said he like the color when he look in my eye
His lips are like nirvana, his kiss is paradise.

He likes to role play and talk dirty, keep me up till 4:30
Play Marco Polo, feeling 'round with his eyes closed
Call me Cleopatra, make me watch in the mirror
Don't wanna say, "told you so".

But, ah, as long as you love me, this could get ugly
Ah, yeah, baby, trust me, this could get ugly, protect me
It's fucking good, real fucking good
It's fucking good, loving me like you should
But ah, yeah, baby, trust me, this could get ugly.

[Verse 2:]
Honeymoon is over, roses on the floor
Screaming and accusing, calling me a whore
You words are shaking me, leaving me with lies
We're on a trampoline and soon we're gonna crash.

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