Rage - Attila

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  • Ca sĩ: Attila
  • Sáng tác: Fronz
  • Năm phát hành: 2011
Đóng góp: Harry Harridson
If you see me, and were hangin on the west coast
Lets rage, rage, rage!
Touring all over the east side
Lets rage, rage, rage!
No matter where we're at tonight, we're gonna do it right
Hometown Atlanta represent it in the true light
Grab a cigarillo and a 40 and a bic light
Lemme get a Newport, now its on!

I always seem to find myself in situations like this
Like this situation I'm sensational all the fucking time
Always subject of critic acclaim
Talk shit, it makes my day
So if you're reading this-
We don't care, what all the critics said
We're just fine, success is right ahead
Don't doubt me, I've got a lot on my mind
Got a lot, and I'm already gone
Take me home
Take this from me
I had a feeling you'd be here
Always, right in the back of my head
I wish I had a dollar for every lie from you
I'd have more than I even knew.

Everyone looks dead and half asleep
Call up all your friends and follow me
There's a couple parties going on right up the street
Put your middle fingers in the air
And make your way to the front if you just don't care

Yell if you just don't give a - FUCK
Always blazed and I don't give a - FUCK yeah!
Anytime, anywhere, hey girl are you down to... OH!
Lets take one for the police, OH!
Take it, take it or leave it.
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