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Strip That Down - Liam Payne; Quavo

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Strip That Down
Ca sĩ: Liam Payne; Quavo
Sáng tác: Liam Payne; Ed Sheeran; Steve Mac
Album: Strip That Down (Single)
Sản xuất: ℗ 2017 Capitol Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited (2017)

Yo yo

1. You know, I've been taking some time
And I've been keeping to myself (self)
I had my eyes up on the prize
Ain't watching anybody else
But your love, it hit me hard, girl
Yeah, you're bad for my health
I love the cards, that I've been dealt
Do you feel the same as well?

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I'm out, free)
People want me for one thing (that's not me)
I'm not changing, the way, that I (used to be)
I just wanna have fun (and get rowdy)
One Coke and Bacardi (sippin' lightly)
When I walk inside the party (girls on me)
F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed)
Girl, I love it when your body (grinds on me)
Oh yeah.

You know, I love it, when the music's loud
But c'mon, strip that down for me, baby
Now there's a lot of people in the crowd
But only you can dance with me
So put your hands on my body
And swing that round for me, baby (swing)
You know, I love it when the music's loud
But c'mon, strip that down for me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, strip that down, girl
Love when you hit the ground, girl (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Oh, strip that down, girl
Love, when you hit the ground.

2. You know, that since the day, I met you
Yeah, you swept me off my feet
You know, that I don't need no money
Strip That Down lyrics on
When your love is beside me
Yeah, you opened up my heart
And then you threw away the key
Girl, now it's just you and me
And you don't care 'bout, where I've been.

3. She gon' strip it down for a thug, yeah (strip it down)
Word around town, she got the buzz, yeah (word)
Five shots in, she in love now (shots)
I promise, when we pull up, shut the club down (hey)
I took her from her man, don't nobody know (know)
If you brought the CL, better drive slow (slow)
She know how to make me feel with my eyes closed (skrrt skrrt)
Anything goes down with the Huncho (Huncho).

Strip That Down - Liam Payne; Quavo
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