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Nghe playlist: Album: X (UK Deluxe Edition)
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Sing - Ed Sheeran

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Ca sĩ: Ed Sheeran
Sáng tác: Ed Sheeran; Pharrell Williams
Album: X (UK Deluxe Edition)
Sản xuất: Sony Music Classical (2014)

1. It's late in the evening
Glass on the side now
I've been sat with you
For most of the night
Ignoring everybody here
We wish they would disappear
So maybe we could get down now
And I don't wanna know
If you're getting ahead of the program
I want you to be mine, lady
To hold your body close
Take another step into the no-man's land
For the longest time lady.

I need you darling
Come on set the tone
If you feel you're falling
Won't you let me know
If you love me come on get involved
Feeling rushing through you from your head to toe.


2. This love is a blaze
I saw flames from the side of the stage
And the firebrigade comes in a couple of days
Until then we got nothing to say and nothing to know
But something to drink and maybe something to smoke
Let it go until I wrote a change singing we found love in a local rage no
I don't really know what I'm supposed to say
But I can just figure it out and hope and pray
I told them my name and said it's nice to meet ya
And then she handed me of a bottle of water filled with tequila
I already know she's a keeper
Sing lyrics on
Just from this one small act of kindness, I'm in deep
If anybody finds out I'm meant to drive home
But I'm drunk and gonna live it now not?
We just sit on the couch one thing led to another now she's kissing my mouth.


Can you feel it?
All the guys in here don't really wanna dance
Can you feel it?
All that I can here is music from the back
Can you feel it?
Found you hiding here so hoped you taked my hand.

Before the beats kicks in again
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?


Sing - Ed Sheeran
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